Day 17 Cont..: A Change of Course

We are not retreating – we are advancing in another direction -Douglas MacArthur

While making my way through the Cajon pass I was given some good advice from members of the local park service. They convinced me to steer clear of the northern passes through the Rocky Mountains. Their reasoning suggested two points that had lingered in my mind since I sat down to plan my original route; there is a potential for snow in July in more northern latitudes of the  Rocky Mountains, and many of the mountain passes through the Rockys are now highways. Navigating this region on horse back is risky at best either along highway traffic or through circuitous routing.

Also, while riding through LA I came to the conclusion that riding in metropolitan areas is a big risk. It’s not good for the horse and it’s also laborious on Kenny and myself because safety becomes even more paramount. From this point on, it is something I am going to try to avoid as much as possible. We would rather stick the edges of town rather than ride through the main thoroughfares of larger areas.

My current plan is to follow historic Route 66 through through Needles, California and then on to Flagstaff, Arizona. Once in Flagstaff I will have to plan my approach for traversing the lower part of the mountains.

I know many of you had hoped I would be traveling through Utah. It breaks my heart to have to reroute but I really feel like this is in the best interest of my team. I don’t want to put anyone at risk.  Thank you all for your continued support and your understanding. As always…

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