Day 26: Rest Day in Death Valley

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing – Hellen Keller

Day 26 is another rest day, but we’re getting a lot done! While waiting to have Gus’ hooves shod, Fox Feed and Tack in Acton, CA called and said they wanted to give us a gift bucket and donate 7 bags of feed for Gus! Amazing people, we’re so thankful for their generosity and big hearts.

Jud Melville and Son Shoeing, who did an awesome job shoeing Gus, also donated a full set of shoes and labor to us. He said he’d be more than happy to meet us down the road in 8 weeks to reshoe Gus again. They’re a great father and son team, and said our ride for Vietnam vets has reached shoeing supply stores as far as Amarillo Texas! Thank you guys for the support and helping us get out the word.

We also received an invitation to meet with a Veteran Horse outfit for veterans suffering from PTSD, and plan to swing by their facility on our way back to Essex, CA where we left off on Wednesday. We’re honored by the invitation, and are taking another day off tomorrow to spend time with members of their group!

Sunday we’ll be back on the trail heading east from Essex, and continuing our ride for Vietnam veterans suffering from Agent Orange. Thank to everyone for your outpour of love and support. There’s no way we could do it without you!

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  1. I live in Acton, CA. and do business with Fox Feed. Glad to know they are helping you and Gus. Have to buy a little more in there to help out. thank you for doing this. I wasn’t there, but my Mom always said it was my war. Hers was WW II. My boyfriends, some came home, some didn’t, were NEVER welcomed. 🙁 <3 Melinda

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