Broncs and Buckeyes at AQHA

You can never pay back so you should always pay forward -Coach Woody Hayes

The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) event was amazing!  We spent 7 days in Wilmington Ohio at the World Equestrian Center for the Buckeye Classic horse show and we along with the AQHA were able to raise several thousand dollars to help veterans in need.  33 states and 5 countries were competing in the event so the exposure we got for our Vietnam vets was huge!  Expedition Orange, working with the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) were able to identify two Vietnam veterans from southern Ohio who are currently suffering from Agent Orange exposure and because of the veteran’s fundraiser at the Buckeye Classic, we were able to present them each with a check for $1000.  These two heroes were amazing men and Kenny, Gus and I were so proud to get these two veterans some assistance.  We have much more planned over the next couple months and I will be letting you know what is happing as these events draw nearer.  Thank you all for your continued support!  Kenny, Gus and I look forward to meeting you all at some point on the trail!

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  1. Colt, Kenny
    I’m so glad that you had a wonderful time in Ohio. It touched my soul that you assisted two Nam vets while there. These signs of gratitude and respect today were never there when we came home in 1969 from Vietnam. Coming home to the real world with difficulty adjusting to civilian life, disrespect, divorce, drug/ alcohol abuse, suicide, unemployment, health issues, depression and homelessness …… was our greeting and welcome home from a grateful nation and government. As the years have gone by, many of us Nam vets have joined our fallen brothers six feet under. In time I will be included with my non-curable Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma thank to Uncle Sam and his Agent Orange. The cancer was my second battle that I had to fight after my first with Charlie in the Delta. Battling the V.A. for the past seven years is my third battle, still with no compensation for the cancer that I bear. I totally believe that the V.A. is just waiting for us all to die so they can turn a page on their disgraceful care and concern for those who bear the scars of war.
    Your efforts to raise awareness of Vietnam veterans and their continuing fight with the V.A. over Agent Orange diseases and illnesses, is highly commendable. I close with deep admiration and respect for the entire Expedition Orange team (Gus included).

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