Colt Romberger rides trails in Kingman

Cliff & Colt Romberger

Colt Romberger is the son of a Vietnam veteran who was affected by Agent Orange.  Cliff Romberger, Colt’s father, served in Vietnam from 1970-1971 as a member of the 366 TFW “Gunfighters” stationed at Da Nang.  Forty-one years after he returned home, Cliff was diagnosed by the Veterans Administration (VA) with a brain disease that Agent Orange caused.  Cliff passed away from this disease on 24 September 2015.

Colt, an Iraq War veteran himself, wanted to help raise awareness for his brothers in arms and to honor his father, a lifelong horseman.  Cliff was never able to fulfill his last bucket list item before he passed in which he wanted to ride from coast-to-coast on horseback.  Colt is going to complete this ride for his Dad as he promised, and in doing so, he is going to bring the hardships of those affected by Agent Orange to the national forefront.