Day 8: Baseline Road to Cajon Pass

Colt and Gus on Baseline

In the mountains of San Gabriel, overlooking the lowland vines and fruit groves, Mother Nature is most ruggedly, thornily savage. – John Muir

Today marks one week since we set out on Expedition Orange. To date we’ve traversed over 80 miles of the entire greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. This morning we begin our trek north to the Cajon Pass, a narrow mountain pass that runs between the San Gabriel and San Bernadino Mountains just north of San Bernadino. Once we clear the pass we will make our way northeast toward Las Vegas. Soon we will be trading in LA traffic for desolate Mojave roads.

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And We’re Off

Colt and Teddy in LA

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. – Lao Tzu

Expedition Orange’s ride across our great nation is officially underway. Gus, Kenny, and myself will be making our way across the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area over the next few days. Please check back here for regular (hopefully daily!) updates on our ride and a short glimpse ahead of what we have planned over the next few days. Our goal is to let you know where we will be heading and what time we plan on arriving in case you would like to come out and meet us. Also remember to connect with us on Facebook to join our live chats. We will do our best to let you know in advance about what time we plan on going live on Facebook. We encourage everyone to join and hit that “Like” button.

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