Mission Statement:

Expedition Orange is a 3,000 mile, coast to coast horseback ride whose purpose is to raise awareness for Vietnam veterans suffering from exposure to the toxic chemical Agent Orange.

Agent Orange was a herbicide the US Government used during the Vietnam War to kill foliage making it easier for US Troops to see through the dense jungle canopy.  

The adverse effects of Agent Orange on our veterans was unknown to them during their service.

Now over 400,000 Vietnam vets are suffering from their exposure.

Expeditions Orange’s goals during the campaign:

   To raise national awareness for the issue of Agent Orange exposure and the resulting illnesses.

   To meet and interview veterans, family members, doctors and experts in regards to Agent Orange and their personal stories.

    To create a Video Documentary of the ride and interviews which will serve as a tool to help expand outreach, while also serving as a resource tool that Vietnam veterans and their families can use to find assistance.

  To raise money through the Exhibition Orange 501(c)(3) charitable organization which will be utilized to directly help affected Vietnam veterans receive a proper “Thank You” using the “Make A Wish” model.

  To honor the stories of the many who have suffered and continue to suffer from the horrors of Agent Orange.


For information and scheduling, please contact:

Sid Levin, The Levin Agency